Career Transition & Executive Coaching

Given the state of the economy, you may be faced with challenges that you’ve never encountered before. Do any of these scenarios feel familiar:

  • Are you anxious to advance your career?
  • Have you been looking for the right opportunity, but it’s been taking too long?
  • Are you stuck in a position at work that’s draining?
  • Are you working for a company that saps your spirit?
  • Are you in a career that’s frustrating?

When you work with BGH, you’ll discover your passion-and how to go after it. We help you approach your career transition plan with deliberate and successful strategies based on our professional experience in assisting others to achieve a life of fulfillment. Our career transition assistance works!

Remember, a transition strategy doesn’t just happen. Successful career transition takes confidence, insight, skill, and commitment to bringing out the very best of who you are. And, of course, it helps to work with an career coach who “gets” it.

What “Reality Check” do you need to have about your career?

Any form of a career change can be daunting and discouraging. Working with BGH in your career transition is a powerful step. During our customized “Reality Check” we’ll look at areas which may be difficult for you to face or that you may be blinded to. We’ll speak honestly about issues that may be very difficult to discuss. We’ll take a look at what may be the “real truth” about your current career path and strategize a brand new game plan for success.

Our executive career coaching services focus on:

  • Discovery: Unlocking your passion, identifying your strengths, and linking your career goals
  • Creation: Building and promoting your personal brand
  • Due Diligence: Working your strategic plan
  • Preparation: Sharpening your communication skills, practicing the art of writing, and acing your interviews

What is the ‘Reality Check’ that you’re not having right now regarding your career?