10 Ways to Achieve a Transformative Hiring Strategy

You can’t achieve your business outcomes without achieving your goals when it comes to hiring and retaining top talent. According to LinkedIn, 70% of people are not actively looking for new jobs, but 87% of people are open to new opportunities. That means a huge opportunity for employers are willing to convince top talent to come and impact their great companies.

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How Gamification Can Transform Your Recruiting Team

Gamification has received a lot of airtime lately, and for good reason – the benefits of gamification in the workplace range from higher employee engagement and participation to increased creativity and knowledge retention. In fact, in one recent study, 90% of employees experienced increased productivity in a gamified work environment.

However, successfully deploying a gamification initiative requires that you reward the right behaviors – as these will become the best practices for your team.

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Latest HR Tech Trends in 2020 You Should Know Of

The world of technology has been evolving at breakneck speed in recent years and there is hardly any area of our work or life that it hasn’t been touched by it. Businesses too have benefited tremendously by adopting technology in various areas of operations and seen faster growth owing to reduced costs and greater efficiency, so there was no way that the thriving HR and recruitment industry could be left behind. In fact, most progressive businesses understand the impact technology can make in giving them a competitive edge in the market, and therefore, consider it as the backbone for their operations.

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What Are the Key HR trends to Expect in 2020?

The challenges for HR departments are nothing if not rich and varied. From dealing with company-wide GDPR sensitive data to handling difficult and personal conversations with staff, HR continues to evolve to meet the demands of a fast-paced, digitally-driven environment.

When it comes to 2020 however, there are a number of key themes we’re seeing in the market which HR managers should be paying particularly close attention to.

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5 Best AI Based Recruitment Software in India

The advent of the internet and consequent digitization has made getting employed significantly easier for candidates. Tasks that once took hours can now be done with a single click. But this ease has made recruitment all the more difficult for employers. Today, companies see a massive flood of applications for any job posting. How does one navigate across this flood? Well, two emerging technologies can be the answer – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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What are the Best Ways to Automate Hiring Process?

Looking for effective ways to minimize the amount of time you spend on repetitive manual recruiting tasks? Owing to the advent of technology in the HR industry, the hiring process has evolved by leaps and bounds with the passage of time. According to a recent survey, the majority of small-sized businesses face extreme challenges when it comes to attracting qualified talent. However, HR managers can easily speed up the hiring process and find exceptionally qualified candidates by opting for recruitment automation.

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Remaining human in an AI recruitment environment

Technology has always played a role in the recruitment process, but more recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have catapulted it to the lead item in the agenda of every chief human resource officer.

From talent engagement to employer branding and candidate assessment, a recent JazzHR study revealed that six in ten SMEs now employ some form of recruitment-specific software, while 25 per cent use AI in their workforce plans.

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How automation and AI are currently revolutionizing recruiting.

Artificial Intelligence is effectively re-writing the rules of the recruiting process. What’s the point of AI? To make us mere mortals more efficient in the workplace? We’re being told that AI will surely be able to outperform us on most tasks like Sourcing, stack ranking candidates, resume match and follow up communications. So in the future who will be the real Recruiting subject matter expert? The AI or the Human?

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Hottest hiring trends for 2020

2020 looks like it’s going to be a phenomenal year for the recruitment industry. As a tech assessment company, we’re lucky to be able to regularly swap ideas with HR leaders, visit conferences, and read up on industry experts’ findings. Based on our findings, here’s the scoop:

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How Can Applicant Tracking System Improve Your Selection Process?

Selecting the right candidates is important for the success of the company. To ensure there is a synergy that works for the fulfillment of company goals and mission it is essential to identify and build a team of people who have the required skills and experience. This is the reason that most CEOs today place so much importance on improving the hiring and selection process. However, in this competitive environment, without the right technology in place it is almost impossible to get the talent you want, when you want it.

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