7 Big Benefits of Hiring Through an Applicant Tracking System

As the war for top talent continues to intensify, recruiters are compelled to re-think their recruitment strategies. The mounting pressure on recruiters to attract high-quality candidates with an increasing shortage of top-choice talent has lead many employers to implement talent acquisition software to tap elusive talent while easing the workload of recruiters. Investing in talent acquisition software has several far-reaching benefits for your business.

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4 Ways Recruitment Is Evolving – and How to Adapt

The recruitment industry is evolving at such a pace at the moment that sometimes it can feel impossible to keep up. But instead of fearing the changes – or worse, ignoring or resisting them – remember it’s those recruiters who embrace change that come out top, particularly when there’s so much competition out there.

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It’s around this time of year when swathes of fresh young minds are entering the world of work for the very first time. And as they embark on their search for that perfect employer, I feel acutely aware that those things that were once important to me when I was first entering the world of work back in the 1980s, are in many ways incomparable to what matters most to a jobseeker first starting out in 2018.

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HR Automation software and what it means for future of recruitment

Technology has made huge inroads into our professional and personal lives, and it is no wonder then that a department that hustles several transactional tasks, which are routine yet vital to the smooth running of the organization, is undergoing a major transformation with technology at the helm.

Right from recruiting skilled talent (quite a long-drawn-out process that one!), onboarding them, entering employee data into payroll system and updating it regularly, granting leaves, handling shifts, assisting employees with any documents they might need, preparing tons of recruiting reports…

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Why Develop Online Recruitment System?

Recruitment management software is increasingly in demand. Solutions for recruitment automation or so-called Human Capital Management Systems (HCM) offer us great prospects — the HCM global market is expected to grow to $ 22.51Bby 2022, comparing to $14.50B in 2017. How can your business benefit from HCM solution and why develop online recruitment system?

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5 Unconventional tech recruitment tactics that fared spectacularly well

Hasn’t there been at least one instance with an open role where your sourcing chops have stared at you, blank? You follow the prescribed norm – dive into your ATS, drop InMails, sponsor that LinkedIn post and email active candidates on job boards – only to hit a wall with all the outreach that you trigger.

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Insights and Integrations: The Future of Recruiting

Staffing businesses used to depend on different technologies and systems to manage their operations – a headache to manage, difficult to integrate, clunky in practice, and, critically, unable to deliver an efficient workflow. Human error, manually updated spreadsheets of candidate data and out-of-date legacy systems all created a heavy admin load.

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How and why should you ‘gamify’ your recruitment process?

‘Gamification’ is a term that has been circulating around the corporate world with ever-greater intensity in recent times. Is it something that has any real relevance to your business – in particular, your approach to hiring?

The answer might just be a surprising ‘yes’ – and here’s why.

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3 Hot HR & Recruitment Trends To Follow In 2018

It’s hard to believe that we’re edging towards the latter end of the year, and soon 2017 will be a distant memory. HR and recruiting professionals know all too well how important it is to keep an eye on the latest news affecting their industry. If you blink, you’ll miss something! It’s now November, and if you haven’t started planning for 2018 then now is certainly the time. So take 5 minutes to sit back and relax as we list 3 trends you should be following for 2018.

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Disruptive HR Practices in 2018: What is changing for HR?

The advent of technology and changing demographics are forcing significant differences in the way organizations hired and managed their talent in the past. CHROs, recruiters and every HR practitioner must adapt to these changes and bring a new order to talent management. They must give due importance to the changing times and keep an eye on the best practices to implement them in their organizations. This is the only way to build an HR policy that is disruptive and meets the demand of the future.

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