3 simple ways to add to your firm’s talent pools

Of the many ways to enhance your company’s online recruitment, one of the best is to invest in the creation of the most in-depth talent pools.
‘Talent pools’ are shortlists of people who you aren’t actively considering for a role at your firm at the moment, but who may be suitable for a position with you in the future. Nor is there any excuse for not building talent pools – not even a lack of time or the perceived difficulty of doing so.
To demonstrate what we mean, here are three quick and easy ways to fill your own Irish company’s talent pools.

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Are you happy with your applicant tracking system ? A recent survey showed that 67% of HR or recruitment professionals  are unhappy with their ATS, with the main reason being that they are not attracting or retaining top notch talent. In fact 62% of employers say that there is a good chance that standard ATS are filtering out highly qualified candidates resulting in them losing out top talent.

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Take the Holidays to Think About Your Future in Recruitment

Over the years since TBOS began we’ve worked with countless recruiters looking to set up their own agency and we’ve had the chance to notice plenty of patterns. One of the biggest of those is that there are two main points in the year where the number of recruiters looking to start their own agency spikes.

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How to Start Your Own Recruitment Business

My name is Adam Bolton, and until recently I worked for a recruitment agency – I’d been there for almost 8 years, but I wanted something more.  I wanted to be able to provide more for my children (both in monetary and daddy time!), and decided that the best way for me to do that would be to start up on my own.

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Mobile Recruitment: A Retailer’s Best Friend

While other areas of the business are quick to adopt mobile, talent acquisition is still far behind. In fact, according to research conducted by The Talent Board this year, only 13% of candidates apply for a job through a mobile device. By ignoring mobile, companies are missing a tremendous opportunity to attract and hire talent. Imagine walking into a store to apply for a position with a paper and pen or having to use a kiosk or store computer. The entire experience is uncomfortable and impersonal.

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Why HR is a Force for Good

Why do we have HR departments anyway?

Over the years much has been written on “Why we Hate HR“, “Why HR should be split up” among business units, and why HR professionals have to change. Each of these articles criticizes our beloved HR team for their inability to drive business value, their bureaucratic practices, and their lack of skills in business and analytics.

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How to Recruit the Right Candidates on a Tight Budget

If you’re running a small organization or a startup firm, then you probably already know how challenging it can be to attract talent to your company. After all, you’re competing not just against other businesses in the same situation, but also against large and established entities with significant resources at their disposal.

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The 4 Challenges Facing Healthcare Recruitment in 2017

Recruiting is challenging in any industry, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find an industry where it’s more strenuous than in healthcare. The stakes are high and healthcare facilities can’t afford to onboard talent that doesn’t fit their specific needs.

The major recruiting challenges facing healthcare

Healthcare organizations don’t have the luxury of occasionally making the wrong hire. On top of the high cost of onboarding a new hire, there are also legal risks associated with hiring an individual who purposefully or inadvertently breaks protocol, violates HIPPA rules, or harms patients.

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3 ways to get new employees quickly hired and up to speed

If more than three weeks regularly pass at your company between making the decision to employ someone new and actually hiring someone, this urgently needs to be addressed – to say nothing of how poor onboarding can also make it hard to get your new employees quickly productive.

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