4 Ways Recruiters Can Tackle the Skills Gap

There’s been a lot of media buzz about the skills gap in recent weeks, with the Open University warning of a skills gap that costs companies more than £2bn a year. Meanwhile, The Week saw Brexit as a major factor in the overall gap, and The Recruitment & Employment Confederation suggested temps will be used to plug the gap for now.

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10 TIPS For A CV Too Get Into Recruitment

It’s the last week in this part of Thailand and its certainly been an experience I shall never forget. Next week I shall be in a new country writing this blog. I’ll let you know where I am next week but it will still be in SE Asia as the journey continues.

As you know at the beginning of the year I set up www.virtualdemon.com. This is a virtual assistant and administrative online business focusing on the recruitment sector in the UK. I am making this bigger and better.

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5 Ways to Make Graduate Recruitment Easier

It’s that time of year again – hundreds of thousands of students are finishing their university courses and preparing to enter the UK job market.
Equally, many employers across the country are looking to attract graduates with their latest vacancies. While some companies may have been recruiting for graduate roles for months already, others are just starting to advertise their vacancies in the hope of attracting their next graduate team member.

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The benefit of the doubt – be kinder to your candidates

Giving someone the benefit of the doubt means that you hold a positive opinion or judgement of a person because there is no reason for you to think otherwise. Here at Weirdly, we strongly believe that recruiters should give people the benefit of the doubt. This means that they can become the people you want them to be. Yet, increasingly, there are more and more examples of people assuming the worst in people and then actively going to look for proof.

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8 Great Recruiting Videos and How They Help With Employer Branding

A few years ago, we published a blog post titled “5 Great Recruitment Videos on YouTube and Why They Work.” It has been one of our most popular posts but has slowly become outdated. Recruiting videos are now common and some great ones have shown up online since that article went live.

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How to Reduce Your Time to Hire in 2017

The average hiring process in the UK takes 27.59 days, according to HR Magazine. However, 54% of businesses have previously lost out on a qualified candidate because their hiring process was too long.
Reducing your time to hire should be a priority; not only can a lengthy recruitment process put candidates off but an open vacancy can also increase your spend and put extra strain on your existing resources.

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Gain Exclusively From Recruitment Software

Recruiting agencies and staffing companies both require technology to reduce their pressure of recruiting employees. Manual recruitment is a process which consumes a lot of their time, money and resources. Wastage of these will lead to the downfall of the company automatically. But the process can not be avoided. Recruitment of employees is the most vital task in any company.

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Employer Branding and Recruitment: The 5 Cs

Recruitment advertising now goes beyond posting a job ad and waiting for an influx of candidates. It requires an understanding of the market and identifying ways to use your brand to attract the best talent.
In recruitment, your employer brand plays a huge part in attracting the right people. According to a Glassdoor survey (2014), 94% of jobseekers are likely to apply to a job if the employer actively manages their employer brand, so it’s something worth thinking about.

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3 Ways Recruiters Can Use AI to Reduce Unconscious Bias

Bias in hiring is still a widespread problem. Even when we have the best intentions, unconscious biases – automatic, mental shortcuts used to process information and make decisions quickly – can negatively affect our recruiting decisions outside of our awareness and control.

Fortunately, we can now turn to technology to help solve this very human problem. The biggest topic in recruiting these days is artificial intelligence (AI).

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