4 Tactics to Attract Top Talent

Every human resources department or staffing agency is dedicated to attracting the best possible people, putting them in the roles that match their unique skills and experience. In a survey conducted by HR Daily Advisor, approximately 58 percent of respondents reported their organizations had a recruitment strategy in place, whether in the form of a written document or an established cultural practice.

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Salesforce Ohana: Attracting Talent with Corporate Culture

Tech companies and corporate culture – do they mix? Uber, Google, Amazon seem to have a few issues.

We decided to speak with Jennifer Johnston who is the Head of Global Employer Branding & Recruitment Marketing at Salesforce.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

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How Ericsson Attracts Diverse & Millennial Tech Talent

Swedish telecoms giant Ericsson is 140 years old, and guess what? They’re struggling to stay cool and attractive to millennial tech talent – you may have heard of this challenge before.

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Recruiting the Best Candidates in Healthcare

With a growing demand for healthcare providers, finding the best candidates in the field has become a major challenge, especially when you consider the fierce competition in the healthcare sector. Recruiting experienced and qualified healthcare professionals requires the application of well-developed recruitment strategies that will facilitate the entire hiring process.

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Recruiters – You’re Stronger Than You Know!

You’re a Recruiter. Or so your LinkedIn profile states…

But we both know that you’re so much more than that.

Being a Recruitment Consultant today, or to be a good one anyway, means that you must master many skills and wear many hats; employment coach, counsellor, copywriter, blogger, business development consultant, key account manager, researcher, CV writer, marketing consultant … the list goes on and on…

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Your Guide to Using Slack for Recruitment

Let’s talk about Slack. Do you use it? Do you know what it is? Basically it’s a great tool for allowing people to communicate within organisations. It’s a lot more than just instant messaging though – did you realise it can also be used for recruiting? I know, right?

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Hiring success is business success. That’s why we need smarter recruitment.

It’s all about people. It’s as simple as it is true. In our time of accelerating change, a company’s ability to source the right talent, and to do so at scale, will ever more determine its path – whether it leads towards future growth or towards failure.

The pressure is on, no doubt. In the 1950s, a Forbes500 company could expect to operate about 75 years; now it’s lifespan is down to 15. Owning dozens of patents or simply having access to capital and resources no longer cuts it.

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How to Build the Very Best Team for a Recruitment Agency Startup

It’s a well-known fact that most recruitment startups are founded by ex-recruiters that have done well for another company and feel that they can now go it alone. It’s an exciting journey, but of course, it’s hard going too. In the first 3 – 6 months, when your adrenalin is flowing, you’ll literally be able to work round the clock! However, before you know it, you quickly find yourself doing at least 10 different roles and wondering what a social life used to look like.

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What’s the Most Important Recruitment Metric?

If you’ve ever wondered how good your recruitment process is, well luckily for you there are some metrics which can help you measure it. It’s handy to know how you compare to your biggest rival or maybe you just want to improve things. So do you rely on measuring the time to hire, the retention of employees, the cost of hire or maybe all of these.

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The benefit of the doubt – be kinder to your candidates

Giving someone the benefit of the doubt means that you hold a positive opinion or judgement of a person because there is no reason for you to think otherwise. Here at Weirdly, we strongly believe that recruiters should give people the benefit of the doubt. This means that they can become the people you want them to be. Yet, increasingly, there are more and more examples of people assuming the worst in people and then actively going to look for proof.

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