10 Ways to Attract and Hire Diverse Candidates

Achieving workplace diversity was the top priority for employers in 2018.

The first step in building a diverse workforce is to hire more diversified candidates.

According to LinkedIn’ survey of 9,000 talent leaders and hiring managers across the globe, the number one global recruiting trend was diversity.

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Top 25 Questions You Should Ask in Your Exit Interviews and Surveys

Unfortunately, most employer neglect exit interviews and surveys. In the current candidate driven job market, it is understandable that most employer rush into recruiting to find a suitable replacement.

However, conducting exit interviews or surveys is a crucial part of the offboarding process, both for the departing employee and the employer. Exit interviews provide closure for both parties.

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15 recruitment techniques to consider in 2019

With the new year upon us, you’re probably starting to think of different recruitment techniques that will help move the dial for your company in 2019. Looking back at the last few years, there’s been a definite shift toward the importance of employer branding, smart inbound recruitment, improving the candidate experience, and using big data and AI to find the right candidate.

As the technology needed to streamline these modern recruiting techniques becomes more sophisticated, expect each of these trends to become more prominent this year.

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Job Quit Rates Are Soaring: Here Are 5 Tactics to Keep Your Employees ​

In the United States this year, job attrition reached its highest rate since records began in 2000. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that 3.5 million people voluntarily left their jobs in October — a quit rate of 2.3%. And with the number of open jobs exceeding the number of unemployed people by almost a million, it’s a candidate’s market out there.

More information: https://business.linkedin.com/talent-solutions/blog/employee-retention/2018/job-quit-rates-are-soaring-5-tactics-to-keep-your-employees

5 Tips For Hiring Your First Employee

So you’ve started a business and it’s grown to the point where you need to hire other people to help you run it and grow it further. Being successful up to that point is always exciting and a cause for celebration, but hiring your first employee is a big step that may seem complicated for first-timers.

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The 4 Rules of Giving Appropriate Feedback to Unsuccessful Job Applicants

According to Forbes Magazine, many companies are doing a very poor job of providing feedback to job applicants working their way through the hiring process. It is a matter of corporate responsibility and it reflects favorably on an employer if they make an effort to provide unsuccessful job applicants appropriate and timely information about the status of their job application.

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How should recruiters be educating the next wave of the profession?

I like to read, like a great deal, not only books, which sadly are dying, but online articles as well.  The very thought of learning something new for this old dog is genuinely exhilarating. That is the way it has always been for me, you know.  I wanted to learn new things, not only in recruiting but life in general. For example, I never knew that a butter dish could keep butter not only warm, but it would not degrade to a dysfunctional state up to two weeks. It’s the little things in life.

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How to write a job rejection email (that improves your candidate experience)

A corporate job typically gets 250 applications. Of these applicants, about 2% to 6% are called in for an interview. Of course, the offer is made to just one. This means that there are about 249 candidates who get rejected each time you post an ad.

Now, no HR professional wants to break the bad news of rejection to the candidates. But informing them about their application status is important as it helps them to track it to closure.

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We need to be honest about what we need from new hires

I realize that job role is often unclear at most companies, and the hiring process is usually fairly broken, but I think it would make sense if we were a bit more honest about what exactly we expect from new hires.

Let me root some of this in research

A couple of important things to know at the beginning:

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Why Predictive Recruitment is the Best Thing You’re Probably Not Doing

Recruitment has long relied on personal judgement but with the rise of Big Data, it’s time we made decisions based more on numbers and less on our gut feeling. Sadly, only 14% of HR departments feel confident enough to analyse data and only 4% of those use it for predictive purposes.

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