6 Tips for Effective Social Media Recruitment

Every month, there are 310 million people who actively use Twitter, 500 million who update their Instagram accounts, and1.65 billion who choose to share their life milestones on Facebook.

The social media platform—with its growing audience—has become a reasonable marketing platform almost for all types of businesses.

More information: https://blog.hrn.io/6-tips-for-effective-social-media-recruitment/

Why Recruiting Through Social Media Could Be the Most Important First Date of Your Life.

The talent acquisition process until recently was completely outdated, saturated and more importantly, emotionless. Technological advances emerging every day have managed to forge a new way of recruiting to up and coming industries that before didn’t even exist.

More information: http://www.ph-attraction.com/blog/recruitment-marketing/why-recruiting-through-social-media-could-be-the-most-important-first-date-of-your-life/#content

How to Use Twitter For Recruiting (in 500 Words)

With more than one billion accounts and 9,000 different job channels in TweetMyJobs, it’s easy to understand why companies are trying to figure out how to use Twitter as part of their overall recruitment marketing strategy. But news flash: Twitter is not another career site.

More information: http://blog.smashfly.com/2016/03/24/how-to-use-twitter-for-recruiting/

Recruiters Finding Love on Facebook.

Based on a suggestion from Andy Headworth and just before St Valentines day, I’ve been looking at sourcing techniques for recruiters to find love. As a result I’ve added to my Facebook search tool to include ‘Relationship Status’ and ‘Interested In’ searches. You can now use this to find single people who like recruiters.

More information: http://www.recruitingblogs.com/profiles/blogs/recruiters-finding-love-on-facebook