The risks you run when forgoing a recruitment agency

You might be wondering why you should use a recruitment agency when you could instead adopt a more ‘hands-on’ approach by recruiting new personnel directly through a jobs listing site or via headhunting.
However, it would be at your own peril that you leave a recruitment agency out of the equation. Here are some of the problems that can easily arise when you choose not to use an agency.

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When you are short on employee strength and have multiple positions to fill in a short span of time, the job of finding the new employee might met with a sense of fear. Recruitment is a time consuming activity. Specially when organisations have to spend ours in sorting through resumes, scheduling the interviews and screening them through multiple rounds. If recruitment is not your core business function, here are 5 reasons why you should Outsource whole recruitment process.

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What Are Recruitment Agencies?

If you’re looking for the right recruitment solution for you and you’re not sure exactly what recruitment agencies do, you are in luck as we have compiled all of the information you need to know.

 Recruitment Agencies are arguably the most traditional form of recruitment.  Recruitment Consultants will often specialise in one specific industry, and will be able to find relevant candidates to fill your role.

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So many tools, so many options… my recruitment marketer head might explode!

The world of recruitment and marketing software is massive and girl do I love a bit of software.

Many a time over my five years working in recruitment marketing I have felt like a new tool would fix everything. That we’d be more efficient, more successful and happier girls and boys if we could just have this new tool… and of course we are for about a week.

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What’s the secret to a great job description? Simplicity is key, as is clarity. Showing your company’s human side helps too.

The economy is rising again, and some companies are starting to hire for more roles . Finding good talent is one of the most common challenges companies face. When looking for the right person, a good job description is the first step you should take.

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Using a recruitment agency can be better than hiring in-house. Yes, really

When looking to hire, using a recruitment agency may have crossed your mind, but if you’re like most people, your first thought was to place a job ad. Or better yet, a free job ad. And that, my friend, is likely your first wrong turn.

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Working with a recruitment consultant – The questions we ask and the reasons why

One of the early stages in the recruitment process is the candidate qualification stage where recruiters ask candidates a series of questions.

 In my last blog I wrote about why candidates are losing faith with recruiters. In the current climate it’s easy to see why candidates are becoming savvy and carefully choosing which recruiters they want to work with.

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Benefits of using Recruitment Agencies

Most companies see recruitment agencies as a mentor, whose focused efforts are to attract great candidates. Hiring a new employee is a time consuming yet a crucial process. When you have a busy company with an open vacancy within it, the task of finding your new employee may be met with a feeling of dread.

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