5 Key Innovations in HR Technology

HR industry has seen a lot of modernization in the past few years. Thanks to technology which keeps on creating waves in the market with its new innovations and trends. These ideas have solved the bottlenecks of traditional HR practices in order to streamline all the activities involved in recruitment and related workflow. Each process has become faster and resulted in better efficiency and productivity.

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How Can Recruitment Businesses Profit from the Gig Economy?

Long gone are the days when people would remain in a single job for most of their career. With recruitment agencies providing UK businesses 1.2 million temporary workers according to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, temporary employment is an embedded work practice. And now modern workers have another way to secure short-term job and project opportunities that match their skills and availability facilitated by the web and online platforms.

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Accents in recruitment and employment

For better or worse, the UK has different attitudes to its regional accents. What are these attitudes, and what impact do they have on employment? Facilities management company DCS Multiserve has provided us with this research…

Accents affect employability

Research has shown that a strong accent can affect how employable a person is – and how they are treated at work.

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The Machine Learning and AI Recruiting Future

The technological ecosystem is constantly evolving, and as it does, so do the various components of that ecosystem. As the world grows more decentralized and the power and proliferation of knowledge can equip the right persons with access to game-changing technology. In the worlds of industry and business, the incorporation of emerging tech can mean the difference between dominance and obsolescence.

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Recruiters – You’re Stronger Than You Know!

You’re a Recruiter. Or so your LinkedIn profile states…

But we both know that you’re so much more than that.

Being a Recruitment Consultant today, or to be a good one anyway, means that you must master many skills and wear many hats; employment coach, counsellor, copywriter, blogger, business development consultant, key account manager, researcher, CV writer, marketing consultant … the list goes on and on…

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Your Guide to Using Slack for Recruitment

Let’s talk about Slack. Do you use it? Do you know what it is? Basically it’s a great tool for allowing people to communicate within organisations. It’s a lot more than just instant messaging though – did you realise it can also be used for recruiting? I know, right?

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Inside the Mind of a Candidate

If you’ve ever wondered what a candidate is thinking then you can stop second-guessing thanks to LinkedIn. It carried out a global study called, Inside the Mind of Today’s Candidate, which sought the views of over 6,500 professionals and 7,700 recent job-switchers.

Their findings revealed that while 4 out of 5 (82 per cent) British professionals are interested in new job opportunities, almost two-thirds (63 per cent) of the UK’s recent job-switchers did not know or knew very little about their current employer before hearing about their job.

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Recruiting is a vital function of any company’s development efforts. But, there are some legal concerns in the recruiting process. Each and every hiring process need to be done in a manner that reduces risk to the business; and saves the interests of all the stakeholders involved. In this blog we are going to look cover two aspects of hiring & the legalities involved around them. One, the type of employee hired and other the people who are hiring for the company.

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How Agency Recruiters Can Make the Most from Google Hire

The world of recruitment is about to experience one of its biggest changes in recent years; Google Hire. Web-giant Google has been working on a new jobs platform for months, and there is a definite buzz about what the tool will be able to do. Currently, Google Hire has been used by tech companies like Poynt and CoreOS, but it’s still being kept under wraps from the public. So, here’s what we know about the platform so far alongside how agency recruiters can make the most from Google Hire.

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