Why you shouldn’t aim for a perfect number of candidates when hiring

Getting the perfect bank of candidates to interview for a role is a science that takes a lot of mastering. There are so many factors that take in deciding who to interview, that numbers are a almost a little irrelevant.

Do all suitable candidates deserve an interview?

The answer is probably yes, however operationally for your business this isn’t the most practical decision.

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Stoking Candidate Interest: An Often-Overlooked Aspect of Recruiting

Most information regarding the difficulties of recruitment nowadays seem to focus solely on trends and the challenges of tech and sourcing but not what could primarily be considered the most important aspect of recruiting; candidate interest.  Ask any in-house HR professional and they will say capturing and piquing a potentially strong candidate’s interest is key to any on-boarding process.

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What Work Perks Do Employees Really Want?

To some businesses, employee benefits are perceived as an added extra instead of an essential.

In fact, according to research, 26% of UK employees don’t receive any employee benefits at all.

Yet, this fact is even more staggering when further studies discovered that more than a third of employees class company benefits as one of the biggest factors they consider before accepting a new job.

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4 Shocking Facts That Might Make You Rethink Your Next Recruitment Drive

Here at Coburg Banks, we post a lot of blogs based on tips and tricks on how to successfully recruit and keep staff happy.

However, one area we don’t always cover is what a candidate actually wants to see in an employer.

While the emphasis might typically be on the candidate to impress the interviewer or recruiter, there are also a lot of job seekers who set their standards very high as well.

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What are Pre-Employment Background Checks and Why are They Important?

What is covered in a pre-employment background check?

A standard background check uses a person’s name, birthday and social security number to collect a variety of information on them from public and private databases. A respected background check provider can access all relevant sources and generate an easy-to-understand report on the applicant for the employer to review.

In most cases, a pre-employment background check covers the following areas:

  • Identity verification – Confirm the applicant has provided an accurate name and social security number and is a U.S. citizen or has legal right to work in the country.

More information: https://recruiterbox.com/blog/what-are-pre-employment-background-checks-and-why-are-they-important

3 Key Challenges in Campus Recruiting (and How to Tackle Them)

Campus recruiting is the term used for hiring students and recent graduates straight from college or university.

The process of campus recruiting has completely changed in the last few years.

If you want to attract the top young talent, you have to stay up to date on accounting and finance employment trends and challenges.

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Read more Hiring the Right Employee – 10 Red Flags to Watch Out For

With the help of IT Recruitment agencyyou can hire the best employee for your company and set it up for success. The recruitment agency will sort through uncountable job applications, go through innumerable resumes, and schedule interview only for potential candidates.

But before you announce the final decision, it is essential that you watch out for these 10 red flags when hiring a new employee.

More information: https://www.alliancerecruitmentagency.com/hiring-right-employee-10-red-flags-watch/

4 Lessons I’ve Learnt Working on High-Volume Recruitment Projects

Having had a substantial number of telephone interviews myself, it was an interesting experience being on the other end of the phone for the first time.

Let me start by confessing how nervous I was, regardless of the fact that I was now the one with ‘the power.’

There is a relative amount of responsibility in doing the groundwork for these projects, as what is a standard day of work for me could decide whether there will be a new day or career of work for one of the people I speak to.

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