How to Hire a Professional Content Writer for Your Business

Two decades ago, businesses did not give a hoot about what went on online. Much to their surprise, they needed an online presence shortly afterward. After a few more years, a mere online presence ceased to do the trick. The time had come for outstanding content, and the popular online “household” phrase ‘content is king’ emerged.

Today, the online space is characterized by cutthroat competition that compels businesses to look beyond content to get to professional writers, who in addition to authoring the content can provide value-added services such as developing a killer content strategy that attracts traffic and converts them into customers.

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What to look out for when shortlisting candidates for interview

The average job advertised on totaljobs receives 20 applications from qualified candidates, driven to relevant jobs by a clever traffic strategy and advanced search and match technology.

While deciding where to advertise, we know that the number of applications you can expect to receive is often a deciding factor, but sometimes it’s hard to remember what this actually means.

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7 Very Important Aspects of the Recruitment Process

No two companies are the same. So it makes sense that when it comes to recruitment, every company does things slightly differently. Nevertheless, there are a few things that every recruiter should try to incorporate into their strategy.

Here are seven of the most important aspects for any recruitment process:

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Why internal recruitment is important and companies need to look into it

Did you know that a company has the highest turnover rates?

This is true of some of the biggest tech honchos including Google, which offers its employees gourmet cafeterias, massage rooms, and nap pods, among other perks. When companies are going to such great lengths to ensure their employees are comfortable and happy, why are employees leaving them?

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Why a Career Site is Your Ideal Recruiting Solution

Recruiting challenges aren’t just threatening the success of HR professionals—they are hindering the success of organizations as a whole. In fact, Business News Daily reports that finding and hiring talent is the biggest challenge for CEOs in 2016.

If you don’t want your recruiting challenges holding you back any longer, you need to find a solution. And more likely than not, your ideal recruiting solution is an effective career site. Career sites are incredibly valuable because they can resolve various recruiting pain points, including the following:

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