What’s Stopping Us From Growing Remote Recruitment Teams?

Traditional hours for recruiters are still contracted on a 9-5 Monday to Friday basis but as recruitment agency owners we all acknowledge that our top recruiters probably do most of their best work outside of these hours. So, with the rise in demand for a more flexible or even completely remote working structure growing every year, what’s stopping us as recruitment leaders from embracing it?

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3 Industries Facing the Recruitment Struggles of Brexit Right Now

The BBC has recently reported that ‘unemployment is at its lowest rate since records began in 1975’. It’s a great fact, a monumental one in fact for the British public. So what’s the problem then?

Brexit Barometer report put together by InnovantageBond International Software, and TempBuddy has revealed that industries with high dependency on EU nationals, such as hospitality, education and health, are already feeling the pressure of Brexit.

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#shedoesnotspeakforus – racism & recruitment

Last month, the Human Rights Commission here in New Zealand posted a sound clip of a recruiter verbally attacking what sounds like a possible candidate. If you haven’t heard it yet, don’t bother, you’ll get the gist of it from this blog.

Recruiters nationwide were (rightly) outraged and demanded to know the identity of the recruiter. To their credit, Recruitment & Consulting Services Association Australia & New Zealand (RCSA), who represent over 3000 recruitment professionals and companies, responded the same day.

More information: https://weirdlyhub.com/shedoesnotspeakforus-racism-recruitment/

10 Elements of Recruitment Analysis Learned From Sales Analysis

Despite the trend “recruitment is like marketing,” we think recruitment is more like sales. Ok, employer branding sounds like marketing. But for the most part? It’s sales. Sales convert leads to customers. Recruiters convert candidates to hires. The process is the same: sifting through hundreds, thousands, and sometimes millions of prospects to find the ones that fit your business and help improve your bottom line.

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How Technology Changed the World of Employment

Much like the rest of the world, the recruitment industry has seen significant changes over the last 50 years. This change, mostly thanks to the rise of new technology, is leading to marketplace efficiency gains and increased mobility in labour forces internationally and here in New Zealand. It’s resulted in a decrease in the cost of hiring candidates, greater mobility in the market, and the continuous development of contracting solutions.

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Top 9 Secrets of the World’s Best Recruitment Managers

It’s such a common story. You get great at your day job, and start become one of the company’s rising stars. You bill at very high levels compared with your colleagues and people begin to talk about you. You are a high flyer, a top performer, one to watch.

Then one day your ambitions become reality. Your boss pulls you into a meeting room and tells you that the company would like to promote you, they want to make you a manager.

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5 simple things jobseekers wish they got from recruiters

The results are in and they haven’t changed – the number 1 gripe among jobseekers is they don’t hear back from recruiters. Most of them, anyway.  That’s hardly surprising when you measure both the quality and quantity of job adverts being pumped out currently. 

 For instance, take a look on Seek or LinkedIn. Over 90% of job adverts aren’t written to engage you. Additionally, how do you apply for a job when 5 agencies are advertising it? It’s a lottery whether you’ll hear back. 

More information: https://www.markpearce.net/single-post/2017/03/03/5-simple-things-jobseekers-wish-they-got-from-recruiters

What does the future of the recruitment consultant hold and are recruiters ready for it?

There is little doubt the the recruitment industry has changed and adapted over the years in response to alterations in the workplace, the nature of business and the skills required by those businesses. As industry demands certain talent which can deliver faster and more effectively, the recruitment industry has had to up its game.

More information: https://www.searchparty.com/blog/future-of-recruitment-consultant/

WhatsApp Group Chat – Is Counselling Candidates on improving their Job Hunt Strategy a Recruiters Role?

The Talent Acquisition profession is evolving rapidly due to the Digital Marketing Age.  We are slowly moving from performing full cycle Recruitment processes alone to Employee & Employer Branding as well. Given this scenario it’s obvious to question what aspects are involved in a Recruitment Professionals Role.

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How Technology Minimises Recruitment Staff Turnover

High staff turnover has been called the biggest threat to growth within consulting and recruitment agencies are certainly among the most affected. Consultant to the industry, Tony Hall, estimates that the current annual turnover is up to 40%. This means more than one in three recruitment professionals will leave their post every year.

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