Have You Changed Your Recruiting Style?

Hiring top talent requires strategy and precision in today’s talent wars. McKinsey estimates that by 2020 there will be a global shortage of approximately 85 million qualified workers.

Workers who develop their skills to keep up with the demands of our emerging high-tech world will be at a premium. At the same time, the hiring process is undergoing a seismic shift as it moves to include AI, automation and transforms into a customer service mindset with trust as the cornerstone.

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Gain Exclusively From Recruitment Software

Recruiting agencies and staffing companies both require technology to reduce their pressure of recruiting employees. Manual recruitment is a process which consumes a lot of their time, money and resources. Wastage of these will lead to the downfall of the company automatically. But the process can not be avoided. Recruitment of employees is the most vital task in any company.

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How Employment Legislation Affects Recruitment

There are 11 main employment laws and legislations which can directly affect the recruitment process.  Some of these laws will affect your recruitment more than others, but an awareness and understanding of each of them is a great way to ensure compliance within your company.  So, today I’m going to tell you about each of them!

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Employer Branding and Recruitment: The 5 Cs

Recruitment advertising now goes beyond posting a job ad and waiting for an influx of candidates. It requires an understanding of the market and identifying ways to use your brand to attract the best talent.
In recruitment, your employer brand plays a huge part in attracting the right people. According to a Glassdoor survey (2014), 94% of jobseekers are likely to apply to a job if the employer actively manages their employer brand, so it’s something worth thinking about.

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3 simple ways to add to your firm’s talent pools

Of the many ways to enhance your company’s online recruitment, one of the best is to invest in the creation of the most in-depth talent pools.
‘Talent pools’ are shortlists of people who you aren’t actively considering for a role at your firm at the moment, but who may be suitable for a position with you in the future. Nor is there any excuse for not building talent pools – not even a lack of time or the perceived difficulty of doing so.
To demonstrate what we mean, here are three quick and easy ways to fill your own Irish company’s talent pools.

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Sometimes, we simply cannot accept the way things are any more. When the answer to broken processes is, “it’s just the way it’s been.” When we see many around us doing the same things over and over, or making decisions blindly.

It’s in those moments that you round up any allies you can find with the same audacious goal as you: taking down the status quo.

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Contract Staffing on the Rise within the Indian Workforce: An Account

Of late, the concept of contract staffing or recruiting job candidates via third party staffing companies has gone up considerably in the Indian recruitment scenario. Businesses in India – domestic and multinational corporate have resorted to the idea of temp hiring and have started outsourcing recruitment via numerous staffing companies.

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Companies are Using Social Media and Internet Tools to Retain Employees

Social media is increasingly becoming an important and influential medium in today’s recruitment industry. Whether it’s for marketing strategy, for hiring or even for talent management within an organization, social media has a huge role to play.

Companies that focus on offline or other integrated marketing approaches are now shifting towards new strategies.

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