4 Ways Recruiters Can Tackle the Skills Gap

There’s been a lot of media buzz about the skills gap in recent weeks, with the Open University warning of a skills gap that costs companies more than £2bn a year. Meanwhile, The Week saw Brexit as a major factor in the overall gap, and The Recruitment & Employment Confederation suggested temps will be used to plug the gap for now.

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How Recruiters and AI Will Work Together

As technology evolves, artificial intelligence is quickly becoming mainstream in the recruiting world. Whether it’s sorting through high volumes of resumes, analyzing facial expressions in a video interview, or scanning social media profiles, AI is quickly becoming more of an industry standard. Artificial intelligence is simply cutting down time-consuming work, especially repetitive high-volume tasks that can take up hours of a recruiter’s time.

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Inside the Mind of a Candidate

If you’ve ever wondered what a candidate is thinking then you can stop second-guessing thanks to LinkedIn. It carried out a global study called, Inside the Mind of Today’s Candidate, which sought the views of over 6,500 professionals and 7,700 recent job-switchers.

Their findings revealed that while 4 out of 5 (82 per cent) British professionals are interested in new job opportunities, almost two-thirds (63 per cent) of the UK’s recent job-switchers did not know or knew very little about their current employer before hearing about their job.

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10 TIPS For A CV Too Get Into Recruitment

It’s the last week in this part of Thailand and its certainly been an experience I shall never forget. Next week I shall be in a new country writing this blog. I’ll let you know where I am next week but it will still be in SE Asia as the journey continues.

As you know at the beginning of the year I set up www.virtualdemon.com. This is a virtual assistant and administrative online business focusing on the recruitment sector in the UK. I am making this bigger and better.

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What is Google AI Job Search

Recently Google announced a new a featured related to jobs inside Google Search.  This is arguably the biggest news in recruitment marketing in several years.  Not only is the technology going to revolutionize the convenience of searching for a job, it’s implications on how job boards operate with change forever.

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Who R U? What Every Recruitment Marketer Needs To Know About Employer Brand

Imagine this: You work for a highly visible company, everyone knows who you are, what you do and you don’t even have to advertise employment opportunities.

In fact, your company is so well known that it can be recognized by a symbol or catch phrase – not even the company name itself. That my friends is a quality employer brand at work. Now, back to reality.

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Time for an Upgrade? Recruitment Advertising Reloaded.

The candidate journey is constantly changing because it has to adapt quickly to rapidly changing trends. Recruitment advertising is no different.

Since the days of “Help Wanted” ads and posts, recruitment advertising has evolved through online and print ads, employment agencies, and job fairs. Job ads are everywhere, and every company is looking for people is touting their brand through ads on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media channels and websites.

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Hiring success is business success. That’s why we need smarter recruitment.

It’s all about people. It’s as simple as it is true. In our time of accelerating change, a company’s ability to source the right talent, and to do so at scale, will ever more determine its path – whether it leads towards future growth or towards failure.

The pressure is on, no doubt. In the 1950s, a Forbes500 company could expect to operate about 75 years; now it’s lifespan is down to 15. Owning dozens of patents or simply having access to capital and resources no longer cuts it.

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When you are short on employee strength and have multiple positions to fill in a short span of time, the job of finding the new employee might met with a sense of fear. Recruitment is a time consuming activity. Specially when organisations have to spend ours in sorting through resumes, scheduling the interviews and screening them through multiple rounds. If recruitment is not your core business function, here are 5 reasons why you should Outsource whole recruitment process.

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Recruiting is a vital function of any company’s development efforts. But, there are some legal concerns in the recruiting process. Each and every hiring process need to be done in a manner that reduces risk to the business; and saves the interests of all the stakeholders involved. In this blog we are going to look cover two aspects of hiring & the legalities involved around them. One, the type of employee hired and other the people who are hiring for the company.

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