5 Benefits Recruitment Software Can Deliver to Non-Profits

With many people longing to work for charities and make a positive impact as part of their job, you might think that recruiting within the non-profit sector would be easy.
However, when it comes to finding the right talent for their organisations, HR teams within charities are faced with many challenges.

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Everything You Need To Know About Applicant Tracking Systems

Applicant Tracking Systems are similar to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Systems, and are online software that exist for recruitment needs.  Through an ATS, jobs can be posted onto multiple Job Boards, and applications which come in can be filtered into different categories, for example Job Board, date of application, or ranking.

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Invest a Little in your Applicant Tracking System for Greater Benefits

There is nothing scarier for a recruiter than loosely-designed recruitment software. Screening candidates can be a nightmare if your applicant tracking system is not having all the important features that are in line with modern recruitment processes. An ATS is aimed at streamlining the process of hiring candidates for a recruiter and making the communication with the potential candidates easier.

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Applicant tracking system (ATS): how to start with one

An applicant tracking system, also called a candidate management system, is a software application designed to make recruitment process for enterprises easier and efficient.

An ATS should be able to handle the process of recruitment end to end. It can be used to do job posting, screen and filter job applications or resumes, place an interview request, hire and on-board an employee etc.

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5 CV mistakes that make me sigh loudly & place my head firmly in my hands

I’m sure a lot of you read the title of this blog, sighed out loud, placed your head firmly in your hands and said “Not another blog about CV tips”. But I’m sorry, I’m a recruiter, and this is something that I had to get out of the way now so I can focus on saving the world with my future masterpieces.

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Who, What, Why: What is name-blind recruitment?

Leading companies and universities are being asked to remove names from application forms in an effort to stop “unconscious bias” against potential recruits from black and ethnic minority backgrounds. But how does “name-blind” recruitment work?

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