Four Recruitment Trends To Watch Out For This Coming Year

If you’ve been following my series of recruiting articles here on Jobvite, then you’re hopefully approaching the next 12 months with a renewed optimism about the results you’ll be able to generate from social media. But what else does the recruitment industry have in store for us over the coming year? In a break from my usual social recruiting advice, today I’m sharing four trends that I think we can expect to see gather significant momentum this next year:

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How Recruitment Leaders Plan to Adapt in 2017

We ran a great webinar with Bond International Software yesterday to show recruiters and recruitment leaders what they can stop doing with their recruitment technology to save time and improve profit in 2017.

There were recruiters of 1 years’ experience and recruitment leaders with 25 years on the webinar – and a few guest appearances from Dublin, Geneva and the Netherlands!

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How to Spot a Bad Recruitment Agency

During the tough times of an economic downturn, when unemployment numbers skyrocket, job seekers need all the support and guidance they can get. Unfortunately, it is a fertile period for bad recruitment agencies to ply their unethical tricks. However, there are some indicators of bad recruiting practice which, when known, will help you spot and avoid unscrupulous recruitment agencies with poor performance standards.

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The Non-Recruiters Guide To Hiring Terms

Has a recruiter ever excitedly told you that after rejecting all the job hoppers they’ve found a ‘purple squirrel’ on gardening leave?

Maybe they’ve suggested a Stay interview or Job Shadowing your current CXO level employees before attempting to poach from your competitors?

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9 Fantastic Recruitment Blogs You Should Be Reading

I love to read recruiting manuals, watching hours long training videos and attending full-day recruiting training”, says no recruiters ever.

The pace of work is getting so fast that we barely have time to take a pee break. But we still have to keep up with times and continuously update our brainware.

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The Three Recruiting Trends Defining HR Today

We’re living in an always-on universe where consumers crave real-time information that’s highly personalized, extremely relevant and always available. And the more they get this information, the more they demand it from the brands they frequent — including yours.

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Why Recruiting Through Social Media Could Be the Most Important First Date of Your Life.

The talent acquisition process until recently was completely outdated, saturated and more importantly, emotionless. Technological advances emerging every day have managed to forge a new way of recruiting to up and coming industries that before didn’t even exist.

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The Game Is on in Recruitment

Gamification—that is, using the mechanics of game playing in other areas, including business and education—is far from child’s play.  The gamification industry was expected to take in $1.7 billion in 2015, and eLearning Industry predicts that number will triple over the next three years.

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