Want to Create Irresistible Recruitment Email? Here’s 6 Sneaky Hacks to Help

According to a LinkedIn survey, only 15 percent of candidates are not even open to considering a new job. That means an overwhelming 85 percent ARE open to a new position, maybe via a recruitment email.

In such a scenario, if your email campaigns are not getting at least 45–50 percent conversions it is quite likely that you are doing it wrong.

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When is the time to pay attention to recruitment marketing?

Whatever your company’s sector, it’s understandable that if you have very few employees – let’s say, 10 to 20 – you won’t want to spend a huge amount of money on recruitment advertising.
Sure, you want to find the right people for your vacancies, but when your firm is still small and growing, it’s in a very vulnerable position. It just doesn’t pay to lavishly splash out on recruitment marketing – even less so when you aren’t actively looking for someone right now.

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Supplement Recruitment Marketing with Social Media.

The way of Recruitment has changed dramatically over recent years. In the world of recruitment people start using  social media in talent acquisition.

When people think of social media as a recruitment tool, they immediately think of LinkedIn or facebook. Actually both are the social media tools and are primarily targeted at the jobs space; however, social media provides many more channels to recruiters than the two listed above.

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10 Quick Tips to Instantly Improve Your Job Adverts

Writing a clear and effective job advert is the first step to a successful recruitment advertisingcampaign.
Mastering the art of your advertising can bring a plethora of benefits to your recruitment strategy; you’ll be able to attract candidates quicker, which will in turn reduce your time-to-hire and advertising costs. Additionally, a well-written job advert will provide candidates with a great first impression, both of the role and your company.

More information: http://www.webrecruit.co.uk/employer-blog/hr-professional/10-quick-tips-to-instantly-improve-your-job-adverts

Who R U? What Every Recruitment Marketer Needs To Know About Employer Brand

Imagine this: You work for a highly visible company, everyone knows who you are, what you do and you don’t even have to advertise employment opportunities.

In fact, your company is so well known that it can be recognized by a symbol or catch phrase – not even the company name itself. That my friends is a quality employer brand at work. Now, back to reality.

More information: http://recruitingdaily.com/who-r-u-employer-brand/

Time for an Upgrade? Recruitment Advertising Reloaded.

The candidate journey is constantly changing because it has to adapt quickly to rapidly changing trends. Recruitment advertising is no different.

Since the days of “Help Wanted” ads and posts, recruitment advertising has evolved through online and print ads, employment agencies, and job fairs. Job ads are everywhere, and every company is looking for people is touting their brand through ads on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media channels and websites.

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5 Recruitment Marketing Trends You Need to Embrace

Staying ahead of trends is important for recruitment marketers for obvious reasons. If you don’t stay ahead of the competition, then you’ll quickly get left behind. So, to help you remain competitive now and into the future, we’ve put together a list of 5 recruitment marketing trends you need to embrace…

1.      Facebook Jobs and Google Hire

The dominance of job boards for advertising client job vacancies is certainly waning. Of course, it should still be part of your job advert marketing strategy, but it can no longer be the focal point.

More information: http://blog.firefishsoftware.com/5-recruitment-marketing-trends-you-need-to-embrace

Future of Recruitment: What Does Tomorrow’s Recruiter Look Like?

The Recruitment Network put this question to us.  It didn’t take long for the Barclay Jones team to answer this question! We’re passionate about the recruitment industry and firm believers that recruiters need to be hands-on when it comes to technologyand digital marketing. Recruitment marketing is about technology and process… not just content and tweeting.

More information: http://www.barclayjones.com/blog/recruitment/future-of-recruitment-what-does-tomorrow%E2%80%99s-recruiter-look-like/

Unique Ways Companies are Approaching Millennials in the Recruitment Process

With the increase of employees belonging to the millennial generation, it has become imperative to reach this market in unique and creative ways. Intimately knowing their characteristics, sets the platform for ‘marketing’ of vacancies – and this, in itself, proves to be a challenge to even the largest corporations.

More information: http://theundercoverrecruiter.com/unique-approach-millennials/