How To Set Up Recruitment Content Marketing For Free

What is the one thing every single recruiter will tell you they haven’t got enough of (not including good candidates that is)? Of course the answer is TIME. For many recruiters it even becomes a perpetual self destructing loop that they can’t seem to get out of: too little time to source, not enough time to write adverts, limited time to screen candidates properly, no time to do candidate outreach  and certainly absolutely no time to be using social media for recruiting purposes!

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Several researchers have concluded that more than 60% of candidates would not apply for a job in a company that has a bad reputation. Since the financial crisis in 2008, the talent pool has been constantly shrinking. Companies often need to go outside the regular recruitment process in order to attract the best candidates. Recruiters are taking the proven marketing approach when trying to attract top talents. This new trend is also called recruitment marketing.

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Is the recruitment industry dysfunctional? That would be YES!

I have written of the dysfunction in the recruitment industry before.

And certainly the whole concept of taking non-exclusive, contingent job orders in competition is as rooted a business model, as I know.

But now we are shooting ourselves in the foot yet again.


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Using a recruitment agency can be better than hiring in-house. Yes, really.

When looking to hire, using a recruitment agency may have crossed your mind, but if you’re like most people, your first thought was to place a job ad. Or better yet, a free job ad. And that, my friend, is likely your first wrong turn.

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Higher Salary Demands: The Cost of Poor Online Reviews

A recent article published at the Harvard Business Review, “Why Do Employees Stay?” examines key reasons why employers suffer high turnover, pointing out that replacing an employee costs about 21 percent of their annual pay.

That’s not so surprising. We all know (or should know) that there’s a high cost to organizations with reputations as poor employers, especially as reflected in online reviews.

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The Ultimate Guide to Writing 5 Types of Recruitment Emails + Bonus Tips to Manage Them

The one thing you always come back to, no matter what you begin with (say social recruiting, text recruiting, visual recruiting, and [insert a new type] recruiting).

Whatever you do, you still need to send messages in the form of emails to communicate with candidates. It’s the lifeline of recruitment.

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What Recruitment Marketing Is & Why It Matters

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – tomorrow’s recruiting, and even today’s recruiting, is very different from the recruiting of the past. In a booming international economy that is marked by greater flexibility of location and employment type than ever before, top talent aren’t just wooed by multiple companies in their city, but by multiple companies around the country and even the world.

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Blank Space: A Recruitment Marketing Manifesto.

They say the only thing that you can consistently count on at work – and in life – is change. Of course, if your life’s work happens to be recruiting, sometimes the pace of that change is so glacial that it’s often almost imperceptible. Business as usual these days is anything but usual, except when it comes to hiring.

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3 Reasons Why You Absolutely Must Use Google AMP For Your Careers Website

It’s no secret that Google holds the keys to the search kingdom. Get this: in 2015, there were over two trillion searches on Google – that’s just about 40,000 per second!

With mobile smartphones set to become the principal way we search and consume media, Google has been placing more focus on mobile optimised websites, ranking them favourably within SERP’s.

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