Global Staffing Trends- 2017

This is one among the findings out of LinkedIn’s recently released 2017 Global Staffing developments report.

Highlights of the survey included within 2,000 manager-level and above, search and staffing recruitment professionals in 35 countries — include: The good news is the fact that 68% of staffing firms assume their firms to develop compared to 2016, also say they plan to hire greater recruiters (56 percent), source’s (32 percent), branding specialists (28%), and coordinators (17%).

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What’s Stopping Us From Growing Remote Recruitment Teams?

Traditional hours for recruiters are still contracted on a 9-5 Monday to Friday basis but as recruitment agency owners we all acknowledge that our top recruiters probably do most of their best work outside of these hours. So, with the rise in demand for a more flexible or even completely remote working structure growing every year, what’s stopping us as recruitment leaders from embracing it?

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What Does Google’s Entry Into the Recruitment Space Mean for the Industry?

With Google for Jobs and Google Hire, Google has formally staked their place in the recruitment industry and it looks like they’re here to stay. It’s one of the biggest bombshells to hit the recruitment space in recent times, so how big of an impact will they have?

Will Google Hire revolutionize how small to medium-sized enterprises attract talent? Will Google for Jobs completely disrupt the $200 billion recruiting industry? Let’s ask our panel of experts.

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How Can Recruitment Businesses Profit from the Gig Economy?

Long gone are the days when people would remain in a single job for most of their career. With recruitment agencies providing UK businesses 1.2 million temporary workers according to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, temporary employment is an embedded work practice. And now modern workers have another way to secure short-term job and project opportunities that match their skills and availability facilitated by the web and online platforms.

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The Best Recruitment Revenge Stories

It’s no secret that being a recruiter can be stressful at times.

At times, it can feel as though you’re juggling grenades, working tirelessly for candidates and clients that abuse your service which can really get to you when you remember that you’re the one putting in all the work up front with no guarantee of reward or payment.

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What Does the Recruiting Industry Look Like Today?

As some point or another, you’ve been a job seeker. How did you look for employment? For many folks, perusing online job boards like Indeed, Monster and LinkedIn is their first option. Others prefer to do their job search offline by checking out staffing agencies, bulletin boards, job fairs and of course, the tried and true method of taking advantage of their personal network of friends and family to get their foot in the door at a company.

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Nisbets – New Insights into Recruitment in Catering

Over of a third of catering professionals cited the ‘love of food’ as what they enjoyed most about their job, as a recent survey from catering equipment provider Nisbets revealed.

Their survey of 825 catering professionals covered various elements of recruitment in catering, including the best and worst parts of the job and where the respondents felt like they learned the most. It gives us an insight into how the recruitment processes have been impacted over the last year.

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What are Millennials looking for in a role with you?

If your firm is looking to attract young professionals, you won’t necessarily get far by adhering to a Generation X mentality. Millennials are therefore the generation to which you need to be tailoring your recruitment strategy.
In the corporate space, they also often have very different priorities to their Baby Boomer and Gen X predecessors; here’s what you may need to offer to them.

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Sometimes, Recruitment Statistics Are Just Fake News

There are two ways you can be deceived: believe something that is false or disbelieve the truth, because if you do that, you deceive yourself.

What does recruitment have in common with fake news, anyway?

I will explain it later, I promise. But first, let me give you a question to consider. It’s this: Figure out which of these statements below are true?

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Ex-Googler Gets Backing of Silicon Valley Investors Thiel, Levchin to Build ‘the World’s Most Badass Recruitment Engine’

With the rise of the gig economy, managing freelance workers can be difficult for companies comfortable with the traditional employer setup. Pete Johnston, formerly a Google designer, aims to change that with the newly renamed Kalo. Armed with financial backing from PayPal’s co-founders, Johnston believes his startup is better able to tackle the unique concerns of the freelance labor market than LinkedIn.

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