Sometimes, Recruitment Statistics Are Just Fake News

There are two ways you can be deceived: believe something that is false or disbelieve the truth, because if you do that, you deceive yourself.

What does recruitment have in common with fake news, anyway?

I will explain it later, I promise. But first, let me give you a question to consider. It’s this: Figure out which of these statements below are true?

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Ex-Googler Gets Backing of Silicon Valley Investors Thiel, Levchin to Build ‘the World’s Most Badass Recruitment Engine’

With the rise of the gig economy, managing freelance workers can be difficult for companies comfortable with the traditional employer setup. Pete Johnston, formerly a Google designer, aims to change that with the newly renamed Kalo. Armed with financial backing from PayPal’s co-founders, Johnston believes his startup is better able to tackle the unique concerns of the freelance labor market than LinkedIn.

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The end of the in-house recruiter? #DiceTru #TruLondon

Recruitment is changing, there is no doubt about that, but there is a particular trend that seems to be gaining momentum that recruiters should be very conscious of because it could have a major impact on the role of the in-house recruiter. This could be the beginning of the end of in-house recruiters as we know them, or could be an evolution in to something completely different.

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Recruitment Startup-‘Belong’ Raise $10 Million

Outbound hiring platform-‘Belong’ has raised $10 Million of Series B funding from Sequoia Capital along with its existing investor, Matrix Partners also participated the rounds. Previously, in 2015 Belong $5 Million of Series A funding from the same investors.

After the funding round was closed, Gautham Mago from Sequoia Capital joined ‘Belong’s board of Directors which include Matrix Managing Director Tarun Davda and Raju Reddy, founder of IT services company Sierra Atlantic.

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