Recruiting Recruiters for Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies live and die by finding the right people for their clients, yet many still struggle to attract the best talent their own businesses.

We speak to Christina Knock of Cox Purtell to learn how she combats this through innovative and cost-effective employer branding. Have a listen to the interview below, keep reading for a summary and be sure to subscribe to the Employer Branding Podcast.

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Why Bad Days Matter in Recruitment

It is a stigma in recruitment (especially with all the bragging and oversharing that goes on over social media channels about celebrating success, brilliant client wins, smashing targets and hot deals) that anyone ever has a bad day/week/month/quarter. Yet the reality is, we ALL have bad times in recruitment if you have been in it for more than a year.

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Can You Stop Bad Data Damaging your Recruitment Business?

With the UK Recruitment Sector being worth at least £30billion, it’s critical to capitalise on great recruitment tech to improve speed and profit.

We see ROI as in the i(nvestment) of the beholder – so what is the average recruitment consultant investing?

What do they see as a practical use for CRM?

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GDPR: The End of Recruitment as We Know It!

We ran a very popular webinar with Broadbean that revealed the benefits of GDPR and how you can take advantage.

Spaces filled up quickly for this one! But this is your chance to catch up…

GDPR = Great Data Powering Recruitment!

GDPR is looming, you’ve appointed someone in your business to tackle the issue, and they’re attending all conferences they can in an effort to gen up before May 2018.

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LinkedIn Research Tells Us Exactly How Candidates Want to Be Recruited

LinkedIn is a significant social media presence that a lot of people (me included) use just about every single day. That makes LinkedIn pretty important.

But besides being a great place for working professionals to stay connected, it’s also got a lot of interesting information that is pretty important to know. Here’s a case in point: It can tell us precisely how candidates want to be recruited.

Please Consider The Candidate In Your Recruitment Process

I wanted to share with you a short true story I have seen first hand this week that drives me nuts. A recruitment process doesn’t have to be complicated, especially with online recruitment systems doing much of the process for a recruiter/hiring manager. AND YET many companies are seemingly trying to make them complicated, and completely un-user friendly.

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How to recruit successful HR staff

All too many organisations don’t have HR departments that exactly enjoy the complete approval of leaders and staff. Indeed, you may be familiar with grumbles from your senior executives about your HR department lacking business or strategic understanding, while lower down your company, there may be widespread sentiments among employees that HR is not their “friend”.

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6 Keys to Making a Catchy, Compelling Recruitment Video

People love watching videos online. In fact, online video now accounts for 69 percent of all internet traffic, and 55 percent of people watch online videos every single day.

For recruiters, there’s an even more important statistic to consider: More than 50 percent of businesses that use video see a decrease in the time it takes to a fill a position, and almost half experienced an improved cost per hire.

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4 Key Problems Facing the Modern Recruiter (Part 1).

Let’s face it: the global talent shortage is not a fad: it’s the new norm, making the skills of agency, contract and internal recruiters more valuable every day.

These are exciting times for the recruitment industry. The exponential development of intelligent recruitment technology, a rapidly changing business landscape, and the pressure of an increasingly competitive global labour market are key drivers in a major transformation that is happening in our industry.

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Looks at the global demand for talent and how it is driving change across companies and specifically within hr and recruitment departments.It covers the business drivers,demograophics difference,changing financial climates and the Implications for the future growth planes of companies who do not address their future talent needs now.

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