What’s So Wrong With Recruiting On Facebook? By @WinningImpress

Did you know that recently Facebook had 1 billion users log in on the one day? That’s a staggering 1/3rd of all Internet users and 2/3rds of their own users all in the one place at the one time.

So why aren’t you fishing in this pond?

As a seasoned social recruiting trainer the excuses I usually hear are along the lines of it’s personal, it’s creepy, people won’t like it, we’re not allowed access (staggering in 2015!), my CEO is scared of it, and so on.

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How I Wrote My New Book – Social Media Recruitment

After fourteen months in the making, my latest project – my new book, Social Media Recruitment – is now published*. And if I say so myself it is a damn good book –ok, I am a little biased 🙂
I had the pleasure of taking delivery of some copies of the book this week, and I am really. The publishers Kogan Page have done a great job on the production side – the many emails back and forth, checking and re-checking, at the end of last year were worth it!

More information: http://sironaconsulting.com/2015/05/how-i-wrote-my-new-book-social-media-recruitment/

How to Use Instagram for Social Recruiting

You no doubt have a social recruitment strategy that includes the likes of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, but what about Instagram?  Surely it’s just for sharing pictures of #brunchgoals or your morning #yoga poses right?  Wrong!  Of course, you’ll still find these kinds of images, however, Instagram can also be used as part of a wider social recruitment strategy to increase candidate and client reach and engagement, as well as being a useful sourcing tool if you know where to look!

More information: http://blog.firefishsoftware.com/instagram-social-media-recruitment-strategy

Sourcing with Facebook

It is a surprise to me that Sourcing on Facebook is not more common. It seems that most recruiters turn first to job boards or LinkedIn or maybe even their own database before venturing further into the many other internet resources available. Perhaps these traditional routes offer low hanging fruit but we all know that valuable (Passive) candidates can be found elsewhere and that means Facebook should be considered a primary resource.

More information: http://www.intel-sw.com/blog/sourcing-with-facebook/

An Introduction to Social Recruitment

Just because we’re a social media company doesn’t mean that we’re selling when we say that social media helps every part of your business. Starting from the operations and business development right through to customer services, HR and IT. Who says social media should just be for marketing? In a study by Jobvite, it was found that employers who used social media for recruitment found a 49% improvement in candidate quality. Social recruiting can work for your business too. Read on to find out more.

More information: http://www.liveandsocial.com/blog/introduction-social-recruitment/

Recruitment marketing equips business for a social world

With traditional recruitment being killed off by social media, recruitment marketing could be the answer you need, says Shelley Hoppe of creative content agency Southerly

More information: http://www.director.co.uk/blog-recruitment-marketing-equips-business-for-a-social-world-19443-2/

How HR Can Use Facebook for Recruitment Marketing

Unless your target candidate is from Europa, they are likely on Facebook. With over a billion daily active users, this platform should not be ignored by any brand. When using this platform, there are many factors that you should weigh including company size, brand recognition and budget.

More information: https://blog.shrm.org/blog/how-hr-can-use-facebook-for-recruitment-marketing

The Rise of Facebook Recruitment

Just like the rise of social media, the recruitment industry has also evolved from platform to platform. One of the latest discussions online is the relevance and the use of Facebook’s Graph Search as a recruitment tool. This article will take a look at Facebook’s users, Facebook as an alternative to LinkedIn and some statistics explaining the phenomenon.

More information: http://linkhumans.com/blog/rise-facebook-recruitment

Social Job Posting: A Performance-Based Model for Social Recruiting on Facebook

At Work4, we recognize that both big data and social media have changed the way we recruit. Because Facebook continually urges its users to complete their profiles with relevant personal information, we know that social media is an exceptional resource for recruitment solutions.

More information: https://www.work4labs.com/social-job-posting-blogpost/